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Why Use Plants
in Your Healing Journey?

Receiving a bad diagnosis after a medical check-up is often the start of years filled with anxiety, pain, and frustration.

Your diagnosis is worrisome, and your symptoms might make you unable to enjoy life like you used to.

It can be the little things.

Enjoying family dinner parties, having enough energy to accomplish everything from your to-do-list, or running after your dog in the park.

Oftentimes, it’s worse — and the disease starts to rob you of your ability to function in life.

Pain that makes you unable to get out of bed in the morning. Stiff joints that don’t let you sprint to the kitchen to prepare your morning coffee. And lack of energy that makes you avoid the special trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Not to mention the hopelessness from seeing your health deteriorate can lead to depression. 

And once you step into the doctor’s office, things get even harder.

You wait to be called while having everything you want to say to your doctor planned out in your head…

Until you actually step inside the office, and your plan goes out the window — the doctor dismisses your questions, treats you superficially, puts you on meds, and rushes you out the door. You’re just another patient, and he or she is too busy.

Soon, you discover that those meds are giving you headaches, nausea, insomnia, and fatigue.

Long-term, use of the same meds can poison your body with chemicals — especially your liver — and can affect multiple organs or make you sensitive to more disease.

It seems to you that you are trying to save your arm by shooting yourself in the foot!

You would be right.

Prescription medicine may come with
side-effects and long-term damage to your health…

Muscle pain, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, hair loss, and liver problems are just a few of the side effects associated with the most popular prescription drugs for conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, or diabetes, according to WebMD.

These side-effects are sure to occur when you take just
one drug…. Imagine what happens when you Are under
multiple drugs, on a long-term basis.

Although some medicine combinations are known to be dangerous, we’re not even close on finding out the implications of taking two, three or more medications at the same time…

Who wants to bet their health against these odds?

While we don’t recommend getting off prescription medicine, we think that nature can offer great alternatives and natural healing agents for prevention and healing.

The same reason has made even conventionally-trained doctors come back to ancient medical wisdom to rediscover the power of natural remedies.

Plants, spices, teas, natural vitamins, and
minerals — They all work together to help
treat and heal your body from the cellular level.

Some of these natural healing remedies are known to be as effective, if not more, than prescription medicine for treating depression, anxiety, inflammation, autoimmunity, memory loss, and many more.

Other remedies give you life-protecting antioxidants that may protect your cells from rapid aging and imbalances.

Cheaper, effective and safe -- Some of these healing plants are the answer you are looking for when you need to help your body get healthy.

In the ground-breaking 9-episode docu-series Natural Medicine Secrets, more than 55 of the world’s leading natural medicine doctors share what they have learned from decades of practice filled with successful cases.

Also — a trained research team has put together the latest scientific research about the plants that can indeed be called “miracle healing agents” and how to use them to help prevent and reverse disease.

You don’t want to miss this series.

The natural medicine remedies shown inside are simple, effective, and side-effect free.

Discover the Truth About Natural Medicine in This Groundbreaking 9-Episode Docu-series (Free Access upon sign-up)

Here’s what’s inside each episode of
Natural Medicine Secrets (airing soon):

Episode 1

EPISODE 01: Can Natural Medicines Really Reverse Disease?

In this opening episode for our 9-episode Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series, hear incredible testimonies from patients who have overcome cancer, and others who have eliminated chronic pain —by using natural remedies that you may have never considered. 

Learn more about chronic disease prevention, treatment and reversal and other  natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body. Too often, we feel trapped by our symptoms, circumstances, lack of money, or dependency upon prescription medications.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

NMS Episode 2

EPISODE 02: Stress & Anxiety - The Cortisol Connection - Adrenals/Fatigue/Blood Sugar

Episode 3

EPISODE 03: Mental Clarity/Brain Health - How to Feel Young Again Mentally & Physically

Episode 4

EPISODE 04: Hormones & Fertility, Thyroid

Episode 5

EPISODE 05: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways: The Gut

Episode 6

EPISODE 06: Detoxing: The Elimination Pathways

NMS Episode 7

EPISODE 07: Chronic Serious Illness: Autoimmune, Heart Disease, Cancer

Episode 8

EPISODE 08: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Stroke

Episode 9

EPISODE 09: Triggers for Disease - What’s Really Making You Sick?

NMS Episode 10

BONUS EPISODE 10: Big Pharma & Government Corruption

Episode Schedule

Discover How You Can Use the Power of Natural
Medicine From Our Leading Experts

Your Host – Jonathan Otto

As an investigative journalist and film director, Jonathan has produced several groundbreaking, Emmy-submitted docu-series covering innovative and effective approaches to cancer, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health, and heart disease.

His work has been featured in international TV broadcasts, print media, national news, and radio broadcasts. He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year, by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support.

Jonathan and his wife, Lori, welcomed their first son, Asher, in January 2019.

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